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Quality Objectives

At this present time the company focuses its attention to a number of quality related issues, namely:

  • The maintenance of the Quality Management System to the standard of ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.
  • To instill an awareness of quality related issues among all staff members by means of improved training and understanding of the critical role which quality plays in the company's business.
  • The policies, organization and procedures detailed in the company Quality Manual are designed to achieve our quality goals in the most efficient manner.

The Top Management considers the quality aspects of the company's business to be of paramount importance, as only service which provides on-going customer satisfaction will guarantee the continuing success of the company.

Quality Policy

The goal of the company is to achieve superior levels of Customer satisfaction. The commitment of each member of our staff to quality is essential to the realization of this goal. Quality is defined by our Customer. There is a clear need, therefore, to accurately establish client's requirements, and to respond rapidly and effectively to meet them.


Sr No Description Make Qty
01 Height gauge Mitutoyo 03
02 Dial Vernier Mitutoyo 07
03 Digital Vernier Caliper Mahr 04
04 Vernier Depth Gauge Mahr 04
05 Combination Set Mahr 02
06 Dial Gauge & Stand Excel 03
07 Magnetic Stand, V Block Excel 03
08 Surface Plates Micro 03
09 Inside/Outside Calipers Excel 03
10 Radius Gauge Mitutoyo 04
11 Universal Vice Excel 03
12 Marking Blocks Excel 02
13 Surface Roughness Tester SREI 01
14 Micrometer Mahr 04
15 Surface Roughness Tester Mahr 02
14 Bore Gauge Mahr 02


Sr No Description Make Qty
01 Wet Analysis Apparatus Kumar 01
02 Spectrometer 5 Base with Spectro AI Germany 01


Sr No Description Make Qty
01 Universal Tensile Testing Machine RE 01
02 Impact Testing Machine RE 01
03 Brinal Hardness Tes. Mc. 3000 Kgs Bentex 01
04 Fine Hardness Tes. Mc. 187 kgs Fine 01
05 Metallurgical Micro Scop Vardhan 01
04 Profile Project Excel 01
07 Polishing Machine Marshal 01
08 Crack Detector Magnaflux 01
09 Pyrometer Ajay Syscon 02

Research & Development

Continues improvement demadns require all manufacturers to take a serious, structured approach to value analysis and the adoption of lean process methodology while at the same time allownig latitude for creative berakthroughs.

In line with this expectation, Universal Technocast strives to identify opportunities for continues improvement & cost reduction to be passed directly to the customer, while increasing the value of the entire business relationship. And for this, we are concentrating a lot in improving the technology and product development.

Our R & D activities help us in improving at the following stages:

  • Ensuring and optimizing world class quality
  • Process control and improvement
  • Evaluation and development of new raw material
  • Design and development of new techniques and technologies