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Universal technocast is a technologically sound castings manufacturing firm. The firm is a fast-growing, highly respected company that seeks to be the preferred, trusted and successful long-term partner for its stakeholders - clients, partners, associates and its employees. Universal’s aim is to add tangible value to the business of its clients in every engagement.

Universal does this through innovation and efficient execution - steeled by the principle of consistency. read more

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"We are very glad to acknowledge the excellent services of UNIVERSAL TECHNOCAST. Our experience with them is the most fulfilling and joyful. We wish them all the success for their presence in the global market." .

By Jenifer Jenia

"After joining with the UNIVERSAL TECHNOCAST we are enjoying our business because we found great support, quality, products on single window."

By Jenifer Jenia

"To do good business you must have a strong supplier... and now we are doing great business only because of a great back born of UNIVERSAL TECHNOCAST... Our experience is simply superb."

By Jenifer Jenia



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  • QUALITY ASSURANCE The goal of the company is to achieve superior levels of Customer satisfaction. The commitment of each member of our staff to quality is essential to the realization of this goal. Quality is defined by our Customer. There is a clear need, therefore, to accurately establish client's requirements, and to respond rapidly and effectively to meet them.

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    Investment casting has replaced or eliminated so many secondary manufacturing processes in most of the sectors. Our experienced engineering team provides solutions for making quality sound castings. .


    The Top Management considers the quality aspects of the company's business to be of paramount importance, as only service which provides on-going customer satisfaction will guarantee the continuing success of the company.